Dolcissima Pietra

Dolcissima Pietra

Die Veranstaltung "Dolcissima Pietra" im September verwandelt Pietra Ligure in die köstlichste Stadt Liguriens!

The "Dolcissima Pietra" event every September transforms Pietra Ligure into the most delicious city in Liguria!

During the event it is possible:

- visit the exhibition areas where you can taste and buy confectionery products from Liguria and other Italian regions;

- participate or cheer during the Contest, the confectionery art competition open to non-professionals for the creation and presentation of a dessert to a jury of experts;

- the "Golose Stages": a map will accompany you through the city streets to reach the businesses that join with a themed showcase;

- Tasting the Dolcissima Pietra Apericena by the commercial activities of Pietra Ligure;

... and many other side events for young and old!

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